Sniper games from WWII, looks like a stick shooter sniper type of game.

Directions: Use the mouse to find and shoot at the targets. Watch the timer in the bottom right corner to see how much time you have left.

Eliminate all your targets in Sniper WWII.
Screen Shots:
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Sniper WWII Over View

World war 2 sniper game. So many great video games have come out about world war 2 and people seem to not be able to get enough of them. This is another example of that because we were pumped to give this game a try. The graphics are not bad, it's set in a dreary world war 2 setting with stick figures as the primary people, and you need to snipe your way through the war and get past the missions.

You start out on mission one: commuinication strike:

Germany had invaded France and it was rapidly seizing control over the whole country. The allied forces were retreating at a fast rate. Your platoon whas been stationed near a river where a mass of german infantry has been located. The Germans are trtying to set up communications back to Berlin to inform them of the rapid retreat. You must take out both communications officers before they roll out the cables and send the important information.

This game is filled with great missions like this, you will have to play and win some missions to find out what else they have in store for you

Screen Shots

Sniper levels to the max in WWII
You have to take out various targets to complete your missions.

Another ww2 target
Sometimes you need to avoid certain people to complete a mission as well.

If you like world war 2 sniper games this is the right game for you, we enjoyed playing it.

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