Very cool sniper and assassination missions in smoking kills.

Directions: Use the mouse to aim and shoot the sniper rifle. Go to the computer for new missions.

Take on your various sniper shooting missions.
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Smoking Kills Over View

Kongrete brings us smoking kills which is an amazing stick games sniper game mashup. The first scene opens up with a warning that the following is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real sniper games, living or dead is coincidental. It is intended for parody purpose only. No stickmen were hurt in the creation process of this game. And it shows a dead stick man saying its not a real dead person. Smoking kills obviously has a good sense of humor, it's a great way to start off a sniper game and if you are like me I really love to see some humor in my games.

When the game first starts up you will be at your desk, with no cash and a ranking of 1. Clicking on the sniper gun will allow you to do weapons upgrades, but it's useless until you gain some money from new jobs. To start your missions click on the computer screen and get started. Another humorous aspect of smoking kills is that you are rewarded for performing various one liners after missions. Some jobs are obvious how you need to accomplish them, but others are not straight forward sniper shooting missions, you need to find ways to solve the puzzle in the level just like in puzzle games. There may be a way to cover up your involvement in the crimes.


Hello, and welcome to training, Here you will learn everything you will need to know to make the world a better place. It's very simple: open your email, read your vriefing, and do what is asked of you unquestioningly. 95% of the time this will be "kill this guy, he smokes" The other 5% of your time will be spent on covert "go to the store and buy me some snacks" operations. These missions are EXTRA important.

G.O.S.S. Boot Camp,

As you do jobs for us, you will earn money, Money can be spent on sniper upgrades at the store. If you do a job well, you will be promoted. As you gain higher ranks, more equipment will beome available to you. Equpiment boosts your score and ups the difficulty of the various sniping missions. Good Luck

Screen Shots

Here you can see the graphics on smoking kills sniper

level complete
When you finish a mission you will get some statistics and your score for your success.

smoking kills one liners
After each succesful sniper mission you get to choose a one liner, these will increase your points and also give you some laughs.

Smoking kills is by far one of the best sniper games we have ever reviewed, we think this game will be a huge hit with our audience, you cannot go wrong with this free game. This game is in the same line with other stick sniper games like sift heads which are hugely popular, some of the most popular free flash games on the internet today.

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