Very challenging snipe and killing game, sift heads 2.

Directions: Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Sometimes you need to follow on screen instructions with other keys.

Cheat Code: terminator gets all weapons.


Stage 1: Aborted flight : kill the guy with the gray hair

Stage 2: Red morning : kill the guy who is sitting and after that kill the guy who is running

From the one and only stick page.
Screen Shots:
Sift Heads 2 Screen Shot Sift Heads 2 pic 2 Sift Heads 2 Image 3 Sift Heads 2 game capture

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Sift Heads 2 Over View

The sift heads series is one of the most popular sniper games series ever made for the internets. You can play sift heads 1 in our archive of games if you dont get enough here. Sift heads is designed and created by stick page which is one of the best stick games websites on the internet. Anyways, enough about things you already know, sift heads has amazing game play and graphics alike. Stick page never dissapoints. This game even has good music and audio to go alone with the awesome game play and animation.

Sift heads is a wildly popular game and you can easily get really addicted to it. As with most sniper games you should be aware there is some violence and this may not be suitable for all ages.

When starting the game play you will need to go to the gun shop, buy a gun and then click ok to start the mission. As you complete sniping missions you will earn more money and be able to buy more guns to help you on future sniping missions. The different games get harder as you play and you will need all the money you can get to upgrade your guns and weapons.


sift heads menu, store, offices and missions
Here you can see the main menu screen where you will choose your various missions and upgrade your sniper rifles so you can advance in the game.


Sift heads 2 sniping controls
Here are the controls for sift heads 2

Screen Shots

Some awesome graphics in sift heads 2

Sift heads shows off some great graphics and game play, different missions have various objectives and they will take you on a walk down a snipers paradise. Give this game a shot if you are into some of the sniper games here it will not dissapoint at all!

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