Sniper target shooting game. You need to score a certain level to move to the next sniping skill level.

Directions: Up / Down Arrow - Zoom Sniper Sight and Mouse - Aim / Fire.

Three levels and 10 targets per level. You must score 300 or more to proceed to the next level.
Screen Shots:
Night Vision Sniper Screen Shot Night Vision Sniper pic 2 Night Vision Sniper Image 3 Night Vision Sniper game capture

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Night Vision Sniper Over View

Nightvision sniper is a simple little easy to play sniper game. You have very easy controls over your rifle and aiming with use of the mouse and arrow keys to zoom in our your targets. The point of this game is very simple, you need to watch for sniping targets to pop up on various areas of the screen and try to take them all out as fast as possible. Move from 1 sniper target to the next and move fast because they don't wait long ! The targets really are spread all over the screen so in this game you will have to be fast.

We found the difficulty level of this game to be pretty high. Not due to aiming the gun or anything we just found you really ahve to move fast to be an effective sniper. The graphics of this sniper game are not bad , they leave a little to be desired but we have played worse. This game is pretty good, and we think sniper fans will have a good time playing it.

Screen Shots

Night vision sniper screen shot 1
Here you can see the zoomed in sniper rifle view.

Night vision sniper screen shot #2
In this screen shot you can see the target is caght in the frame. If you zoom your rifle in and fire you can get an easy hit now.


Use up and down keys to zoom the sniper in and out, and use the mouse to aim and fire your sniper gun. There are 3 levels with 10 targets per level. Score 5,000 or more to proceed to the next level and score a perfect shot and you get a bonus target.

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