get some various clear vision sniper missions in this cool sniper game.

Directions: Mostly you juse use the mouse to move the cursor around and kill your target. Make sure you get a proper head shot or you could fail your mission.

Screen Shots:
Clear Vision Screen Shot Clear Vision pic 2 Clear Vision Image 3 Clear Vision game capture

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Clear Vision Over View

Clear vision is one of the all time top rated sniper games from the web. Created by gaming giant addicting games a few years back it is still one of the best renditions of a sniper game we have ever posted.

You are an elite soldier, trained in a camp against your will for many years. And now you are a free man working as a hitman and will be given different sniping missions to accomplish. You use your mouse to move around and simply left click to shoot. You can watch the news on the tv and you can read the news paper if you have some time over after a mission for extra tid bits.

This game is creative, has a good storyline and is very well programmed. The game play is superior to most other sniper games and the storyline is awesome. We think anyone lookin for some immediate sniper game fun will enjoy this game without any real learning curve.


Mission 1 is titled talking to death, and it has you jump right into the game. No messing around, you need to find the correct target and snipe them out , the game will let you keep retrying the level until you pass with the correct sniper order. Check the screen shots below if you have trouble finding the target.

When you finish the mission you get to go home. At your sniper HQ you get to choose between the office, the kitchen and the living room. In the office you will find your computer, this is where you will be asssigned various sniper missions and you can choose weather it's the correct time in the game to take them on. As you succesfully snipe the correct people you get more and more missions in this game.

When you get back from completing the sniper missions you either choose another mission on the computer, or you can go to the kitchen and read about what happened in the newspaper.

Screen Shots

Clear Vision Sniper
Here is the intro to clear vision, you can see what type of graphics this game uses when watching the intro.

Clear Vision sniper scope view
Here is the view when taking out a target in clear vision. You can see the splatter when taking out an offending target and completing a sniper mission.

clear vision newspaper headlines after a job
When you complete a sniper mission in this game you can go back and read about it in the newspaper on your kitchen counter.

Clear vision interlude
This game has some cool little movie interludes in between missions. When you complete a set amount of missions or specific missions they have built in some cool storylines and movies in the game for your enjoyment.

the amazing sniper game play in clear vistion
Another cool mission in the game, the various sniper tasks get more and more advanced as you progress through the game.

We give this game high marks all the way across the board. As far as sniper games go this game hits a home run and is a clear cut favorite of our staff to play. Any sniper games fanatic should love playing this and its a must finish game!

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