You have 60 seconds to prove you have the sniper skills necessary in this sniper game.

Directions: Mouse to Aim and Shoot

Shoot the enemies that run across the map with your pistol or sniper. Accuracy reported at the end. Your main objective is to hit as many enemies as possible. You have 60 seconds to prove your skills as sniper shooter.
Screen Shots:
Sniper Duty Screen Shot Sniper Duty pic 2 Sniper Duty Image 3 Sniper Duty game capture

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Sniper Duty Over View

After the stupid advertisement you get to jump into sniper duty which we found to be an excellent game. In this game hit as many enemies as possible, you have 60 seconds to prove your sniper skills. Points are awarded for the level of accuracy you achieve. Good luck is what they say, and you need it because the levels can once again be pretty hard. This game is based on the totally awesome FPS shooter call of duty which is one of the best sniping games ever made for the console gaming community. The game does force you to enter your name before you can start sniping away.

The game play in this game is excellent, you start the first level off with a simple pistol which you need to use to take out enemies running by. Various points are awarded based on the quality and accuracy of your hits. You need to keep an eye out because enemies will jump out of various places on the level and they move pretty fast.

Screen Shots

Sniper duty is based on call of duty you can see it in this shot
Here you can see the back drop for level 1 of sniper duty. The graphics are above average and the game play is very good.

Here is a direct sniper hit
When you get a good hit you can see the points light up above the enemy you have shot. ALso on the right you can see exactly where you sniped the opponent.

Level is over time to show you the scores
When you finish each level they will show you your total points, how and how accurate your sniping was in the game on this particular level.

Sniper duty level 2
Here is sniper duty level 2, they change the back drop as you progress through the various sniping missions in this game.

We really loved this game, we think it's an excellent example of what a sniper game really should be. It's different from the sniper games like clear vision in the fact you are shooting with a pistol instead of out the view of the actual sniper scope, but that doesn't make it a bad game. we found this game to be excellent and it comes highly recommended for sniper fans.

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