You want to make the general happy and using your sniper games skills gets you extra head shots.

Directions: Aim and shoot your target with your mouse.

You're given certain missions to take out targets that only your skills can do, be warned as nothing but head shots will please the general.
Screen Shots:
Head Shot Screen Shot Head Shot pic 2 Head Shot Image 3 Head Shot game capture

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Headshot Over View

This game is made by jarkey, good game creators always making decent flash games. The game starts off with some dialog to introduce a premise and characters for the story of the game. You can press space and skip the dialog and jump right to the sniping action. Once you make it past the briefing you will be taken to your various missions. The first sniper mission is very easy, just pop in and take a bad guy out, shoot him in the head for maximum effectivenes.

Of course you should always aim for the head since the name of the game is actually headshot. When you want to shoot someone you need to press the space bar to zoom in and get a closeup, then you fire pressing the left mouse button which simulates pulling the sniper trigger. If you ever get stuck on a sniping mission there is a drop down menu at the top of the screen that covers your objectives.

This sniper game has a great deal of very well thought out levels. Different missions will keep you busy as you try to complete all of the sniper tasks to beat the game. The missions will require you to do different tasks in different orders and you will actually have to figure out what the best order is at times.

Screen Shots

Headshot great sniper game with cool missions
This game has lots of really cool unique missions, all of which you will want to shoot people in the head for maximum points and effectiveness when sniping.

This game has some cool intros and lots of work put into it
You can see the great amount of work and care that went into creating this game from these in between missions screen shots.

Head Shop sniper mission briefing
You get briefed for your sniping jobs and also this guy will let you know when you do things incorrectly.

Some of the advanced sniping missions
When you start getting to more advanced levels like the mansion level you will need to move fast, shoot people in the head and move to the next guy before people can press the alarm. This is the first sniper game level that requires you to rush in this game.

The missions keep getting harder
The missions keep getting harder as you play.

This is one of our favorite sniper games we have ever reviewed. We did not even want to stop playing it, very addicting game. This game has all of the features you would want to see in a great sniper game, good missions, good graphics and even a good storyline to keep you entertained.

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