Clear vision elite is one of the best sniper games ever put on the web. This is an action packed sniper game.

Directions: Mouse to aim and fire; spacebar to zoom

As Jake the Assassin, You Have a Few Last Assignments That Need to be Taken Care of. Finish All Your Missions and Prepare for the Worst.
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Clear Vision Elite Over View

Clear vision is created by addicting games, an awesome flash game website who create some of the best free sniper games on the web. This game has excellent graphics and sound, it is one of the most fun sniper style games you will find on the web right now. The game starts off with you in your apartment, you need to go to the kitchen and pick up the pad of paper. From there you will be able to select your sniper missions. Your first mission is quite easy, it's just a shooting range to familiarize yourself with your sniper gun and learn the controls and physics of the game. Once you finish the target practice you will be able to click the table in the kitchen, and there will be a list of names where Jacks last assignments were.

In this sniper game you control the characters with the mouse which is used for aiming. Left click will fire your gun and the R key on the keyboard will reload your weapon. Press the spacebar to zoon your gun. If you enjoy this game make sure you also try to play thefirst clear vision game. Also people who liked the clear vision sniper game also typically enjoyed playing the Hitman mission pack because both are excellent snipers.

Clear Vision Controls

Clear Sniper Screen Shots

Clear Vision sniper game introduction
You can see from this screen shot that this game has some great graphics. A lot of newer sniper series games use stick figure type drawings like this one. It is an excellent sniper game.

Various Sniper Missions
You have to go on various sniper missions and eliminate different targets. Different missions have various difficulty and different sniping skills are required for each. You can also buy new weapons with money you earn on the different jobs.

Mission Success
When you finish a mission with success you will see a screen like this, it will tell you how much you have earned and let you then go buy some new weapons and upgrades.

After you save enough money you can buy some killer sniper guns, they will help you with the more advanced missions as you play.

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