Your brother has tasked you with certain sniper games missions. Take on various sniping challenges in this game.

Directions: A, S, D = Different Zoom Lengths and Use your mouse to aim and shoot

Your brother has tasked you with certain missions such as taking out snitches or simply gunning down police officers to bring life back to organised crime.
Screen Shots:
12 sniper Days Screen Shot 12 sniper Days pic 2 12 sniper Days Image 3 12 sniper Days game capture

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12 Days Over View

12 days created by Rustygames is another awesome sniper game. In this game you get a lot of dialog in the beginning which you can easily skip over by just clicking skip in the top right corner of the screen so you could just right into the sniper missions. This game has a twisted storyline and is a bit darker than other games on the website.

Here is a typical mission from 12 days: Mission1 : This pig is messing around with us too much, he sent one of our best guys to prison and he's still sniffing around. He always patrolls the central road between 3 and 4 pm, fo there and show him we won't be mess with. In this particular sniper mission you need to watch for the police cruiser to go by and take him out.

Screen Shots

12 Days has some decent sniper games graphics
You can see this game has some decent graphics, this was a failed mission because I was having more fun just sniping pedestrians than actually accomplishing the goal of the actual mission.

12 Days missions are delivered via text messages
You can see what a mission looks like, its delivered via a text message for you to read.

Zoom in with your rifle to get closer to your targets
This game has some really neat objectives, it is a rather dark sniper game with some twisted story lines.

This game is probably not for everyone due to the dark nature of it. The missons are very evil but the sniping perspective of it is very fun. All in all this is a decent sniper game worth consideration for play time right along the other free flash games on the website.

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